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AquaConserver Project Final Meeting was held at TTMD, Ankara Plaza Hotel, Turkey


AquaConserver Project Final Meeting was held at TTMD, Ankara Plaza Hotel, Turkey

AquaConserver Project Final Meeting and project activities was held on 2-3 June 2014, Ankara Plaza Hotel, Turkey. Before the final meeting which was between partners on 3th June, “SME-AGs Training Event” with 20 attendees and “Technology Transfer Launch Event” with 80 attendees realized. 

A Novel and combined domestic grey water treatment and heat recovery system suitable for cost effective installation in 90% of European households (AquaConserver)

AquaConserver concept addresses the twin problems of energy and water conservation faced by all citizens of the EU27. The concept involves the development of a low cost, retro-fittable to 90% of domestic dwellings, water recycling system that is capable of the re-use of showering and bathing water thereby saving up to 50% of personal washing water usage and >50% of the associated heating energy usage and that is capable of re-using filtered grey water from bathing/showering for toilet flushing thereby saving up to 35% of overall household water usage. 12 institutions, SME’s and associations (The UK Health and Envionmental Research Institute-HERI,The Environmental And Sustainable Construction Association-EASCA, IGP srl, Logrotex SA, Convex Electrical Ltd, Haswell Moulding Technologies Ltd, Aqualisa Products Ltd, Tecniberia, Asociacion Espanola De Empresas De Ingenieria, Consultoria Y Servicios Tecnologicos-TECNIBERIA, Novamina Centar Inovativnih Tehnologija Doo-NOVAMINA, Instituto De Biologia Experimental E Tecnologica-IBET, Polska Korporacja Techniki Sanitarnej, Grzewczej, Gazoweji I Klimatyzacji-PKTSGGK) from 8 different countries (Crotia, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK), including Turkish Society of HVAC & Sanitary Engineers, TTMD from Turkey, are united to collaborate in the research for SME associations/groupings type project under the Programme of Seventh Framework which will last for 3 years. 


Detailed information about the AquaConserver Project can be found at 

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