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TTMD & "IBPSA Turkey" Kickoff Meeting was held

The first step of cooperation between the Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers and IBPSA was held on 21 October 2017 at Latanya Hotel in Ankara. Besides members of the Board of Directors of TTMD namely Prof Birol Kılkıs, Tuba Bingol Altiok, Ph.D. Kemal Gani Bayraktar, Gokhan Unlu and Kemal Gokay, the first meeting hosted by the TTMD was also attended by Prof Figen Beyhan, Prof Mehmet Caliskan, Prof Zerrin Yılmaz, Assoc. Prof Arzuhan Burcu Gultekin, Assoc. Prof Gulsu Ulukavak Harputlugil, Assoc. Prof İdil Aycam, Assoc. Prof M. Zeki Yılmazoglu, Assist. Prof Semra Arslan Selcuk, Ph.D. Busra Hepguzel Acikyol, Ph.D. Ece Kalaycioglu, Alpay Akguc, Can Gunturkun, Cihan Kayhan, Efe Unal, Erol Ergezen, Gokhan Tatlidede, Guher Kavci, Ozgur Ozturk, Serhat Seyar, Sinan Soganci.


First, Gokhan Unlu made a presentation introducing TTMD in its 25th year.  Unlu explained in details the history of TTMD, its facilities, national and international events organised by TTMD, its publications, domestic and foreign relations and projects it carried out. Afterwards, Ece Kalaycıoğlu made a presentation on behalf of BinSimDer and gave information about IBPSA's mission, vision and objectives, activities and areas of activity and stated that BinSimDer will continue its work by joining TTMD. At the meeting TTMD held for the new formation of IBPSA in Turkey, the definitions and the potential of the sector were questioned in the workshop, it was discussed in detail which topics would be covered by committee work. Aspects such as access to employees, simulation and modelling concepts used together, determination of stakeholders to be interacted while defining work area boundaries and local laws and regulations that affect work areas were listed among priorities.


While addressing to the question "What does Turkey understand when it comes to simulation?" in accordance with its goals increasing the efficiency and quality of work carried out to increase building performance, rendering these work compulsory in certain projects and becoming an authority in related matters were listed as goals of priority.


Within the scope of the foreseen duties and responsibilities; actions such as monitoring the buildings where simulation is carried out, enhancing information on user behaviour, creating a software library to provide software support, and increasing the number of well-versed people in the sector thanks to the new certified trainings hosted by the TTMD Academy, have been given priority.


By carrying out the work rapidly with the work power to be formed at the workshop getting the support of relevant participants when necessary was decided as the first step.  Within the scope of the announcement and promotional activities, attention was paid to the need to announce the work areas and services of IBPSA Turkey.


At the end of the workshop, a consensus was reached on the identification of stakeholders who would experience intersections in their work and the creation of a sector meeting platform to manage the intersection of these stakeholder groups.


IBPSA Turkey will be a union that includes all the simulation work and employees working to improve the building performance by working under the TTMD umbrella. With the support of IBPSA, it is aimed to be the centre of the simulation industry in Turkey and in the Region. In this centre where the right information and training will be presented, bringing together sector stakeholders, establishing a joint work platform and introducing the dynamics of the simulation industry to other sectors are aimed. 



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