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SmartHeat project is funded by the European Commission through the Framework Programme Seven (FP7) Capacities Work Programme for the benefit of specific groups, Research for the Benefit of SMEs under FP7-BSG-SME-AG.
A standard, modular platform technology for domestic heating and hot water systems that enables the cost-effective integration and efficient operation of RES. Operation of the system is based upon the phase change scenario. This modul (SmartHeat) will dramatically reduce the cost of installation of RES, hence helping to increase market penetration. It will also yield significant energy savings for consumers.
The concept will be demonstrated through integrating one or more RES together with control systems and  high density thermal storage along with heating and domestic hot water systems.
The project is being realized by a consortium and partners are; Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (United Kingdom), Svensk Solenergi (Sweden), Leistungsgemeinschaft Wärmepumpe Austria (Austria), Environmental and Sustainable Construction Association (Ireland), QRS Renewables (Ireland), Equipsol S.L. (Spain), SOLARFOCUS GmbH (Austria), Hot House Technologies Limited (United Kingdom), Orkli Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada (Spain), Georgia Tech Ireland (Ireland), University of Stuttgart- Institut für Thermodynamik und Wärmetechnik (Germany), Intelligent Systems Research Institute (United Kingdom), Ikerlan S.COOP (Spain) and Turkish Society of HVAC & Sanitary Engineers (Turkey).
The project will last in three years and detailed information can be obtained at


Full Support to the Private Sector in Transition to Low-Carbon Economics: Climate Platform

With the Climate Platform to be founded as part of the “Development of Climate Change Initiative in the Turkish Business World” project with the cooperation of the Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers (TTMD) and the Regional Environmental Center (REC), creation of a sustainable platform to improve the lobbying and participation abilities of the Turkish Business World in national and international levels is aimed, as well as translation to Turkish of an international training program to develop the capacity of Turkish firms in the field of calculating greenhouse gas emissions. Detailed information about the Climate Platform can be found at



The Concept of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and the Project of SCPTurkey

The project team which includes, among others, the Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineering (TTMD) and the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV), which is one of the 4 national contact points designated as part of the “Partnering to Enhance Civil Society Organizations’ Contribution to Research in Sustainable Consumption & Production” project, which is supported by the 7th Framework Program and run under the short title of CSOContribution2SCP (Action Town), aims run a pilot project to publicize the concept of SCP in Turkey, increase consciousness, and improve the relations between the partners. Detailed information can be found at


Training Youth and Promoting Youth Employment on Energy Efficiency in Buildings (Training Youth for Green Jobs)

Human Resources Development is one of the main 5 components of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA); the financial assistance mechanism of the EU for Turkey and other candidate countries. Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers (TTMD)’ project proposal “the Promoting Youth Employment” grant programme formulated under this component, has succeeded to receive funding. The project, which has commenced in December, 2010, will be implemented for a period of 12 months in the cities of Erzurum, Kayseri and Samsun. Within the Project, 156 young people with a license, vocational upper-school or vocational high school degrees will receive theoretical and practical training on architecture, mechanical engineering, construction/insulation, installation/heating-cooling and electricity in their main areas of formation. The trainings will be instructed under the following main clusters: “Regulations and Theory”, “Insulation Application Essentials”, “Installation Systems”, “Solar Thermal and PV Systems”, “Lighting, Electrical Devices”, “Auditing and Performance Measurements”, “Occupational Health and Safety”, “Entrepreneurship, Communication and Client-Relations”. In addition to the training activities, activities aiming to increase public and other associates’ awareness on energy efficiency will take place so as to increase consciousness and demand of relevant products. Within this respect, Energy Efficiency Info Days and Energy Efficiency Awareness Week will be held in Erzurum, Kayseri and Samsun. Some of the trainees will be given the opportunity to undertake internships in the private sector and thus increase their chances of employment thereafter. It is also foreseen that some of them will be able to establish their own teams and companies to work in the field of energy efficiency thanks to the entrepreneurship skills given. Through the project, TTMD aims to;

  • Increase the employability and entrepreneurship skills of 156 unemployed young people holding a license, vocational upper school or vocational high school degrees in the field of architecture, mechanical engineering, construction/insulation, installation / heating-cooling and electricity by being educated on the most up-to-date knowledge in their field through theoretical and practical trainings.
  • Inform more than 8.000 people living in the three project cities about energy efficiency and insulation in buildings to enhance public awareness.
  • Support the private and public sector and contribute to the local economies by overcoming the lack of experts on energy efficiency.
  • Facilitate the application of the legal obligations required by the Kyoto Protocol signed recently by Turkey, which emphasizes on energy efficiency as well as "The Energy Efficiency Law" and its complementary regulations such as "Energy performance in buildings" and "Thermal insulation in buildings" can be listed as the specific objectives
  • Increase the attention paid to energy efficiency in the project cities therefore accelerating the efforts by the multiplier effect created by the project



Development of Low-Cost, Lightweight Highly Insulating Polymers (HIP) for Refrigerated Transport, Heating and Cooling Installations

The HIP project will develop an innovative new class of polymer insulation materials based on high internal phase emulsion templating (HIPE). HIPE materials have been used in other applications but never before for high-performance insulation. HIPE materials allow close control over porosity, pore   size distribution and mechanical properties. Because of this, the thermal properties of the material can be precisely engineered within a low-cost manufacturing process. 11 institutions, SME’s and associations (Thermal Insulation Contractors Association-TICA, The Environmental And Sustainable Construction Association-EASCA, Tecnove S.L., Greenscheme Limited, Serrano Amoros SL, The UK Materials Research Institute-MATRI, Polymer Technology College-POLYTECH, University of Durham-UDUR, Norner Innovation AS, Heatrae Sadia) from 6 different countries (Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK), including TTMD from Turkey, are united to collaborate in the research for SME associations/groupings type project under the Programme of Seventh Framework which will last for 3 years. Detailed information about the HIP Project can be found at



A Novel and combined domestic grey water treatment and heat recovery system suitable for cost effective installation in 90% of European households (AquaConserver)

AquaConserver concept addresses the twin problems of energy and water conservation faced by all citizens of the EU27. The concept involves the development of a low cost, retro-fittable to 90% of domestic dwellings, water recycling system that is capable of the re-use of showering and bathing water thereby saving up to 50% of personal washing water usage and >50% of the associated heating energy usage and that is capable of re-using filtered grey water from bathing/showering for toilet flushing thereby saving up to 35% of overall household water usage. 12 institutions, SME’s and associations (The UK Health and Envionmental Research Institute-HERI,The Environmental And Sustainable Construction Association-EASCA, IGP srl, Logrotex SA, Convex Electrical Ltd, Haswell Moulding Technologies Ltd, Aqualisa Products Ltd, Tecniberia, Asociacion Espanola De Empresas De Ingenieria, Consultoria Y Servicios Tecnologicos-TECNIBERIA, Novamina Centar Inovativnih Tehnologija Doo-NOVAMINA, Instituto De Biologia Experimental E Tecnologica-IBET, Polska Korporacja Techniki Sanitarnej, Grzewczej, Gazoweji I Klimatyzacji-PKTSGGK) from 8 different countries (Crotia, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, UK), including Turkish Society of HVAC & Sanitary Engineers, TTMD from Turkey, are united to collaborate in the research for SME associations/groupings type project under the Programme of Seventh Framework which will last for 3 years. Detailed information about the AquaConserver Project can be found at

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