Commissioning Committee

Comittee Members
Emre ÖZMEN (Chair)
Cüneyt MERT (Vice Chair)
Devrim GÜRSEL (Secretary)
As being the first work group on commissioning of an association representing engineering, design and contracting industry, it is targeted to benefit “Commissioning” by adding value to all processes of built environment in cooperation with commissioning authorities globally, to establish collaboration with all related stakeholders for the transformation of business rituals and to assure its growth with a well designed regulatory framework.
* To bring together the theoretical and practical information for "Commissioning Process" and its subheadings, specifically in the fields of mechanical, electrical, automation and fire "Commissioning" in buildings and presenting them to the members with appropriate tools (newsletter, e-mail, seminar, booklet, reports etc.) and making it useful for the sector
* To define the concept of `building commissioning process` due to local needs and provide harmonization
* To organise seminars, conferences, training sessions on “Building Commissioning Process” for strengthening the capacity and sharing information
* To emphasize the necessity and the added value of “Building Commissioning” 
* To raise awareness on commissioning in related stakeholders 
* To define a standard method about the functioning of the committee formed within the scope of the activities of our Association.
2017-2019 / CoPilot is an ISO-accredited auditing and certification company, established as a joint venture between REHVA and EUROVENT. REHVA is the manager and EUROVENT is the financier. In line with REHVA's requests, experts from associations affiliated to the federation, like TTMD, participated in cooperation and technical meetings abroad to support the Commissioning Certification Program. The Committee participated in 11 development meetings for COPILOT certification program in France. Apart from the meetings in France, the committee contributed in various ways (content development, participation in electronic meetings, preparation of documentation, etc.)
20.04.2019 / Presentation in “Commissioning” Panel in Teskon Sodex Heating, Refrigeration, Ventilation, Insulation, Pump, Valve Exhibition - Izmir
27.04.2019 / Presentation in “TAB in HVAC” Panel, MMO Beylikduzu - Istanbul
04.05.2019 Presentation in “Building Commissioning and TAB” Seminar, TTMD Training Seminars - Istanbul
15-17.11.2019 / Annual Workshop on "Building Commissioning", Istanbul 
Commissioning providers, investors, real estate investment trusts, design offices, engineers, architects, civil society organizations, universities and governmental authorities will be participated.
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