Digitalization Committee

Committee Members
Seçil İskender (Chairman)
Utku Özdemirel (Secretary)
Gökhan Tatlıdede
Emre Özmen
Zerrin Yücesan
Başak Dere
Serkan Elibollar
The purpose of this directive is to define a standard method for the functioning of the Committee established within the scope of our association's work. The purpose of the committee is to bring together theoretical and practical information for the digitalization of HVAC and its subheading, in particular the Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Security Applications, and to provide the members with appropriate tools (bulletins, mail, seminars, booklets, etc.). It is also to make all this information useful to the sector.
 2.0 SCOPE:
Covers all members.
- Digitalization Committee
- Energy Commission
- Building Energy Performance Simulations Committee
- TTMD Board of Directors
4.1 Formation of the Committee
In our Association, the working titles of the committee to be formed are determined first.
In their first meeting, volunteer members identify the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and members required for the continuity of the committee. The members to be appointed in the Committee shall be selected from among the persons who have the knowledge and duties appropriate to the work undertaken by the Committee. At least 3 persons are determined by considering the workload of the persons. The committee is formed by identifying new candidates in place of the members who declare that they cannot participate in the committee by providing valid reasons.
Committee duties, powers and responsibilities are evaluated by the members in the first meeting attended by the committee members. Decisions are taken by the members on the basis of majority vote. Decisions come into force after the approval of the board of directors of TTMD.
4.2 Committee Working Order
4.2.1 The committees shall hold their routine meetings on the day and time that they set among themselves. The frequency of the meetings is determined by the committee members but these meetings cannot be less than once in 3 months. It will be possible to attend the meetings remotely.
4.2.2 The meetings are announced to the committee members by the chairman of the committee or secretariat.
Meeting minutes forms are reviewed by the secretary. The memberships of the members who are absent more than 3 times in a row are canceled.
4.2.3 At the last meeting, the Committee plans the next month's meeting.
4.2.4 The Committee may, if necessary, establish sub-committees for the preparation of any process. The head of the committee is responsible for the supervision of the subcommittee.
4.2.5 All members may attend committee meetings when deemed necessary. The members may also forward the issues which they want to discuss to the chairman of the Committee.
4.2.6 The Board of Directors holds a coordination meeting with the committee chairman every three months. The committees describe their activities and receive the assistance and opinions of other committee chairs.
4.2.7 Committee members determine the frequency and method of monitoring, auditing and revision of the implementation of the documents created by the Committee. It is followed by the committee chairman.
4.2.8 If there is a new membership request, the new member shall attend the committee meeting. Submits the topic he / she wants to work to the Committee. It is decided by majority of votes. It is essential that the new member has carried out studies in this field and has taken one of the agenda items of the committee.
4.2.9 4.2.9 The Committee announces its activities to all members through an “Activity Report” every six months.
4.2.10 The continuation of the committee or the change of members is decided by majority vote according to the committee performance evaluation to be held at the end of the year.
4.2.11 At least 30% of the committee members are designers, 30% are contractors, 40% are vendor officials.
Meeting Minutes
Committee Announcement Form

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